At K²Dynamics we always approach each client and brand as a unique opportunity with its own strengths and challenges. Our goal is to move your company forward by growing its audience, finding new revenue streams, solving identifiable obstacles and improving profitability overall. For that reason, there is no way to list every service or method that we may put to use. This brief listing of some of what we do on a routine basis is meant to illustrate the kind of value we can add to your operations as we work together toward larger goals.


For digital entrepreneurs the barriers to entry in the market are relatively low, but that has created a never-ending flood of new start-ups with each trying to be noticed as more than just another nameless entity in an overcrowded arena. Cohesive branding that builds name recognition and generates memorable visual and audio utilizing quality logo designs and other methods is essential to having your pitch heard over the cacophony of other noises the market makes. K²Dynamics has years of experience creating, marketing and enhancing top brands that are memorable and profitable.


Once you have a product worth buying and a brand worth remembering, you need to get the word out to the masses in many ways. Press releases, magazine advertorials, authoritative backlinks from trusted sources, social networking campaigns, traditional media buys and digital traffic generation are often the difference between a great idea that never goes anywhere and a great business that is known everywhere. K²Dynamics works diligently to expand the reach of our clients and the ways that their products find a way into the lives of more people from more places every day.

S E A R C H   E N G I N E   O P T I M I Z A T I O N (SEO)

According to recent studies, more than 25% of all traffic online now passes through Add in the considerable market share of Bing and Yahoo along with vestigial traffic pools that continue to use older search engines or small alternative search systems and it becomes clear that modern businesses simply can’t afford to overlook proper SEO, traffic tracking and continually updated methods to keep pace with the market. K²Dynamics provides real on-page SEO expertise and access to a number of off-page SEO resources that have worked consistently for our clients in the past and are capable of bringing your organic search traffic rankings to the next level.


Writing and copywriting really aren’t the same thing. Many new business owners have the false belief than high grades in college classes qualify them to do their own copywriting. In fact, crafting a sales pitch that works relies much more on having an understanding the marketplace, the ability to track trends, familiarity with cultural and international expectations as well as a keen understanding of the way search engines will interpret the context of what is being presented. K²Dynamics generates millions of words each year for clients with text-based businesses, companies growing large networks of sites and clients seeking professionally generated text that goes beyond earning a good ‘grade’ to actually earn more money.

S O C I A L   N E T W O R K I N G

The social networking explosion that has blazed a new path through the business community and opened up entirely new ways to reach potential customers is now maturing into a reliable platform for lead generation and consumer engagement. K²Dynamics utilizes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Compliant Emailing campaigns and many other methods to create and accelerate business momentum for our clients.


Digital businesses exist online primarily but much of the development that can be done takes place in person. Organizing publicity events, trade show representation, meetings and contact generation maximizes the potential of any new company seeking to find quality vendors, affiliate marketers, distribution channels and investors. K²Dynamics has tremendous experience facilitating show and event planning and scheduling. We are capable of assembling flawless booth presentations, arranging meetings and we make it all happen offline as well as we do online.


Sometimes a business owner feels like they are heading in the right direction but can’t quite identify why their company is moving slowly. A fresh set of eyes with experience and expertise can often identify actionable areas of improvement that can be upgraded, tracked and fine-tuned even further. K2Dynamics works with clients, often under the protection of a non-disclosure agreement, to analyze existing business methods and traffic patterns with excellent results from our consultation.